Further "Tristano-ite" Transcriptions

The long awaited sequel to my post from February 2016! I published a bunch of Tristano transcriptions over the All Of Me contrafacts Background Music, I'm No Good Without You, Line Up and Momentum last year and decided to research further Tristano's band at the time.

In January 1949 Tristano recorded "Tautology" with two of his leading students: Lee Konitz and Warne Marsh. Konitz left Tristano for Kenton's band in 1952, but returned to share a stage with Tristano in 1955 at the Sing Song Room in New York; Marsh remained a devoted Tristano-ite through the 1950s and recorded his last date with Tristano in 1958.

Konitz and Marsh recorded "Lee Konitz with Warne Marsh" on June 14th, 1955, just three days after Tristano's Sing Song Room concerts. On this session Konitz and Marsh were joined by pianist (and fellow Tristano student) Sal Mosca on most tracks, pianist Ronnie Ball (on track 7, Ronnie's Line), Billy Bauer (another longtime member of Tristano's group) on guitar, Oscar Pettiford on bass and Kenny Clarke on drums.

As part of my undergrad thesis I wanted to explore how Konitz and Marsh in particular were influenced by Tristano's playing, so I transcribed most of their solos from this record. I also transcribed Sal Mosca's three contributions to this record to explore how similar his style was to Tristano's. 

The analysis is in a Word document literally somewhere on my computer, but the transcriptions are here and hopefully someone will get some use out of them. Enjoy!

Background Music - Lee Konitz

Background Music - Warne Marsh

Background Music - Sal Mosca

Donna Lee - Lee Konitz

Donna Lee - Warne Marsh

Donna Lee - Sal Mosca

There Will Never Be Another You - Lee Konitz

There Will Never Be Another You - Warne Marsh

Topsy - Lee Konitz

Topsy - Warne Marsh

Two Not One - Lee Konitz

Two Not One - Warne Marsh

Two Not One - Sal Mosca


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